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Defence Marker – Buton

The 0.68“ caliber CO2 driven marker buton is designed as two purpose device with a magazine above. Boasts compact design, specially engineered to easy maintaince and use. The magazine uses a straight feed, low tension spring system to hold 7 rounds and is integrated in the grip. It is possible to use wide variety of ammunition which is effective by all possitions of the gun buton. On the down line is a picatinny rail/ mount for flash light or laser.


Defence pistol – light

Small semi- automatic true magazine fed marker. The patented pistol magazine houses air and projectiles providing the fastest reloads possible. An internal regulator and fixed volume air chamber provide low operating pressure and superior accuracy. Capacity of the hopper/ magazine is 8 rounds


Defence Carabine

The 0.68 caliber launcher is designed as three level device with a magazine above. Boasts compact design, specially engineered easy maintaince and use. The hopper is designed for 50 rounds, the back side is transparent, to see the quantity of the ammunition. Is assignedfor a hard or peper ammunition.


Defence Carabine – Light

Marker with the caliber 0.68 " is a simple proven design and it allows the use of a wide range of additional parts. The magazine is spring powered with 9 rounds in, lateral side is transparent and the status of the ammunition can be controled. It is intended for hard, rubber and/or for pepper balls. The energy source is a 12 gram CO2 tank located under the barrel. The barrel is removable and there are two types: a 10.62 in/ 270 mm and a 1.96 in/ 50 mm. The marker may be added behind by a stock/ CO2 canister.